The Pioneers

Charlotte Meentzen Natural Cosmetics combines pioneering spirit with vision.

It's quite unusual for women to start a company back in 1930.  And their idea was even more groundbreaking: Because Charlotte Meentzen and her sister Gertrud founded the „Institute for Natural Cosmetics“ and set their sights totally on the power of nature.

Our Conviction

Holism keeps us in balance.

Since its founding Charlotte Meentzen Natural Cosmetics is firmly convinced of the power of plants as natural ingredients. Our company founders were driven by their deep understanding of medicinal plants. Their goal was to support and intensify the forces of nature in cosmetics. And still today in Saxony revolutionary natural cosmetic products, innovative cosmetic treatments, natural ingredients and effective training concepts are being developed with curiosity and passion.

„Made in Germany“ back then and today

Our product world

New Products for Individual Needs

We analyse skin needs and develop product lines made-to-measure with natural ingredients. New products expand our existing range of salon goods for our beauticians, allowing us to offer care treatments specifically geared to your individual skin needs. We have a cosmetic line for young skin, a range for blemished and oily skin, products for mature skin, cosmetics for dry, demanding or sensitive skin and specialized care, for example, couperose. And we also offer an effective care range for men.

Our Specialists

Worldwide beauty

Over 5,000 Charlotte Meentzen partners use our high-quality natural cosmetics products in their beauty salons.  Word has gotten out on the global market that we treat our business partners with the same personal attention and care, as our customers' skin needs: today beauticians in over 20 countries value our skincare products and treatments.

Our Vision

We love to grow and explore new heights. Our strong roots support us in this endeavour.