Nappy Barrier Cream

For optimal protection against soreness

We are shocked when we change baby’s nappy: why is its bottom suddenly so red? Help, what can we do? The answer is simple: remain calm, let it dry a bit and use our SOS Care cream. Our Nappy Barrier Cream soothes baby’s skin, supports the regeneration of skin and prevents soreness and redness.

  • without von mineral oil components, silicones und PEGs
  • without perfumes
  • certified natural cosmetics
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Big help for little bottoms.

by Charlotte Meentzen

Dear parents,

In the first few years of life, the sensitive skin of your child’s bottom is often covered by a nappy, which prevents the circulation of fresh air. This nappy cream both cares for the skin and protects it against moisture. It has a preventive effect against redness and inflammation, especially during the night when the nappy is changed less often.

My tip as a midwife is to wash baby’s bottom with warm water between changes and treat it to an air bath.

Protects and soothes:
This nappy barrier cream with the DEFENSIL®-PLUS formula nurtures and soothes baby’s delicate skin and protects it against redness and soreness.

Natrue Siegel für Natur Pur Balance Reinigungsgel

TUJU Nappy Barrier Cream

My midwife tip: Cleanse your baby’s bottom with warm water and an air bath between nappy changes.

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