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Emollient Bath Oil

For gentle and skin-friendly cleansing

Baby’s first bath is exciting, wonderful and dear. A special moment for the whole family. At first, clear and clean water is all you need. Later on, we recommend a few drops of our Emollient Bath Oil. It is mild and skin-friendly while cleansing and caring for your baby’s skin. It moisturizes and maintains the skin’s natural moisture.

  • without von mineral oil components, silicones und PEGs
  • vegan
  • without perfumes
  • certified natural cosmetics
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Babies love to bathe in lots of love.

Dear parents,

Once the umbilical cord stump has fallen off and baby’s belly button has healed, it’s finally time for the first bath. From then on, twice a week, baby’s skin can benefit from water heated to 37ºC and 2–3 squirts of this mild, nurturing bath oil. Happy splashing in the tub!

My tip as a midwife is that your baby will usually feel tired after a bath, so evenings are the best time for it.

Cleans and relaxes:
This mild, replenishing bath oil gently cleans and cares for baby’s skin. With rice bran oil and chamomile flower extract, it maintains the natural moisture level.

Natrue Siegel für Natur Pur Balance Reinigungsgel

TUJU Emollient Bath Oil

My midwife tip: Generally speaking, baby will be tired after taking a bath. The ideal bathing time is therefore in the evening.

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