by Charlotte Meentzen
with smell of almond milk
10.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 218.00 € / 1l)

The skin can freely enjoy the winter and smells of almond milk. The rich cream contains natural sesame oil and vitamin E and offers protection against cold in rough weather and preserves the skin's moisture. Feelings of tightness and dryness are eliminated.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Elderflower Cream
24.89 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 497.80 € / 1l)

Refreshing elderberry extract calms and invigorates the skin. Valuable avocado oil, macadamianut oil and shoreabutter, as well as vitamin E, provide the skin with intensive moisture leaving it soft and supple. Helps to protect the skin against moisture lass and prevents premature skin ageing. Leaves the complexion looking smooth and relaxed. The mild, soft texture is ideal for all skin types, especially for delicate and sensitive skin.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Summer Cream with SPF 25
13.49 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 269.80 € / 1l)
New: more sustainable packaging

This protective face cream with reef and coral friendly formula moisturises the skin and keeps it smooth and supple.

by Charlotte Meentzen
with SPF 30
6.10 € * / 4.7 g
(Base price 1,297.87 € / 1kg)

The ultra-rich chapstick soothes dry lips. 
Potects from skin-damaging impacts of UVA- and UVB-rays and keeps the lips from drying out in heated and/or air conditioned rooms.

The protecting formula concludes bisabol oil, coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil.
It is the perfect companion for cold winter days and gives the ulitmate protection and care to tender lips that tend to be dry.

by Charlotte Meentzen
with SPF 30
6.10 € * / 4.6 g
(Base price 1,326.09 € / 1kg)
New: more sustainable packaging

The rich summer-lipstick with coconut oil, shea butter and sea buckthorn effectively supplies and balances moisture and makes the lips silky smooth.

The integrated SPF 30 protects from skin-damaging impacts of UVA- and UVB-rays.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Self Tanning Concentrate
22.90 € * / 20 ml
(Base price 1,145.00 € / 1l)


For all skin types

The special combination of ingredients with black carrot extract guarantees glowing, beautiful, naturally and evenly bronzed skin the whole year long. It can be combined with any Charlotte Meentzen moisturiser or body lotion. The intensity of the bronzing depends on the frequency of  application and the quantity used. It is simple to use because of its precise dosage.

by Charlotte Meentzen
with amaranth oil
26.50 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 530.00 € / 1l)

This elegant conditioning cream with a nourishing amaranth oil, Inca gold, has an intensive rehydrating effect and protects the skin day and night. The witch hazel unfolds its soothing and pleasant effects and in combination with hyaluronic acid it contributes to ideal moisturising care. Dryness lines are visibly reduced and light reflecting pigments give the skin a clear, rosy complexion.