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by Charlotte Meentzen
Age Control
Eye Care With Lifting Effect
27.91 € * / 15 ml
(Base price 1,860.67 € / 1l)

For firm, smooth skin

The delicate skin around the eyes tends to develop fine lines, dark circles and loss of elasticity as we age. Extracts from hibiscus flowers and Persian silk tree firm and smooth skin. Fine lines appear visibly reduced and the skin’s lift improves. Rings under the eyes, puffiness and shadows greatly subside. Hyaluronic acid and vitamins A and E improve the skin’s moisture levels and support regeneration. The result is moments of radiance with a refreshed and rejuvenated eye area.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Eye Contour Cream Gel
28.50 € * / 30 ml
(Base price 950.00 € / 1l)
New: more sustainable packaging

Does not contain dyes or perfume oil. High quality vegetable oils and special moisturizing complex regenerate the skin's hydro­lipid film. Radical catchers such as vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 prevent premature skin ageing. Helps to smooth lines and wrinkles and gives the skin a relaxed and fresh appearance. Plant extracts of lime and liquorice calm the skin and prevent inflammation.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Contour Lift
Eye Care
29.50 € * / 15 ml
(Base price 1,966.67 € / 1l)

The mild care cream firms and smoothes the skin with a lasting effect. A combination of high molecular and low molecular hyaluronic acid improves skin tone and elasticity in the eye area and prevents moisture lass. By activating the body's own hyaluron production and strengthening the collagen fibres the eye cream ensures a long-lasting firming effect and clearly reduces wrinkles. Extract of cress sprouts protects the skin against negative environmental influences and leaves skin looking healthy. Light reflecting pigments give the skin a smooth and fresh appearance.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Silk & Pure
Hydrogel Eye Pads with Hyaluron
16.90 € * / 5 Pieces
(Base price 3.38 € / 1 Pieces)

Pick-me-ups with an immediate cooling effect for tired and swollen eyes. French rose extract, hyaluronic acid and panthenol protect the skin and boost its moisture levels. They gently plump up the skin and reduce lines and fine wrinkles.

Content: 5 sachets à 2 eye pads


by Charlotte Meentzen
Aqua Minerals
Eye and Lip Mask
17.90 € * / 30 ml
(Base price 596.67 € / 1l)

This delicate cream mask was specially developed for the sensitive eye and lip area. A combination of high and low molecular hyaluronic acid ensures an ideal moisture level and leaves skin feeling supple and elastic. The highly effective anti-wrinkle complex Matrixyl™ improves skin tonicity and resilience and reduces wrinkle depth. Mallow flower extract calms and relaxes the skin. Regular daily use will clearly improve skin tone and noticeably reduce the signs of skin fatigue.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Aqua Minerals
Hyaluron Eye Roll-On
19.90 € * / 15 ml
(Base price 1,326.67 € / 1l)

Low molecular hyaluronic acid allows moisture to be absorbed in the deeper layers of the skin and also activates collagen synthesis. This helps to firm the skin from the inside out and intensively supports skin elasticity. High molecular hyaluronic acid also provides the skin with additional moisture leaving it supple, smooth and elastic. The roll an helps to reduce swelling and gently massages the skin around the eyes. The cooling effect leaves the skin feeling pleasantly refreshed and well cared for.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Eye Care
21.90 € * / 15 ml
(Base price 1,460.00 € / 1l)

NATUR PUR lives up to the most recent findings in modern organic cosmetics. lt was developed in the traditional, holistic knowledge about the beneficial use of precious vegetable oils and natural essences in skin treatment. No mineral oil products, no PEG's, no silicones, no synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colouring, all ingredients are of natural origin.

The enriched eye care preparation with its firming and smoothing effects reinforces the structure of the skin, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brings back the sparkle in your eyes. Innovative active ingredients contained in wine support collagen and elastin synthesis. After a short while the skin looks visibly smoother and firmer again.

Natrue Label for Natur Pur Biolift Eye Care
by Charlotte Meentzen
Anti Stress Eye Care
24.89 € * / 20 ml
(Base price 1,244.50 € / 1l)


smooths & revitalises

This cooling formula with Q10, prickly pear and wild indigo wakes up tired eyes. Hyaluronic acid and Pentavitin® provide the skin with intensive hydration. Plant-based taurine acts as an energy booster, reducing signs of tiredness such as dark circles and bags. Lightreflecting pigments give your skin a fresh, re-energised appearance.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Aloe Vera Sensitiv
Eye Contour Gel
11.90 € * / 15 ml
(Base price 793.33 € / 1l)

The tender and sensitive skin around the eyes requires special care to prevent premature lines and wrinkles. High-grade liposome-building lecithin in a gel base helps to smooth and moisturize the skin. Vitamin E protects the skin against premature ageing caused by free radicals. Aloe vera gel and extract of mallow moisturize the skin and have an anti-inflammatory effect. The skin looks smooth and refreshed. Contains no dyes or perfume oil.