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Body Vital
Body Cream
21.90 € * / 250 ml
(Base price 87.60 € / 1l)

This enriched body cream pampers dehydrated skin with selected oils and precious almond butter. Witch hazel distillate has anti-inflammatory and astringent effects. Provitamin B5 provides the skin with intensive moisture and prevents it from drying out. Special active ingredients improve skin tone and elasticity. Leaves skin looking visibly firmer with a more even complexion. Helps the skin to regain its tone and suppleness. The soft texture is quickly absorbed by the skin and leaves it feeling silky-smooth.

Body Vital
Décolleté Cream
18.40 € * / 75 ml
(Base price 245.33 € / 1l)

An effective, regenerative care cream with almond butter that pampers the delicate skin on the neck and décolleté. High quality avocado oil smoothes the surface of the skin. A moisturizing complex as well as vitamins A and E leave skin feeling firm and refreshed. Extracts of horsetail and witch hazel improve skin elasticity. Helps to reduce lines and wrinkles. Leaves skin looking silky-smooth.

Body Vital
11.90 € * / 75 ml
(Base price 158.67 € / 1l)

This Hand Balm provides intensive skincare, is quickly absorbed and leaves rough and worn out hands looking firm and supple again. Almond butter soothes the hands and helps to smooth out chapped and irritated skin. Provitamin B5 and marigold provide intensive moisture. Also helps to prevent premature signs of ageing skin. Leaves your hands feeling much softer and smoother.

Body Vital
Body Balm
15.51 € * 15.40 € * / 200 ml
(Base price 77.00 € / 1l)

This pleasantly soft balm with its silky texture quickly blends into the skin. Aloe vera extract replenishes dehydrated skin. Almond butter and avocado oil leave skin feeling smooth and supple and help to retain moisture. Vitamin E acts as a radical catcher and prevents premature skin ageing. The delicate texture is quickly absorbed without leaving any residue and leaves skin feeling relaxed and well-nourished.

Body Vital
Shower Balm
13.49 € * 13.40 € * / 200 ml
(Base price 67.00 € / 1l)

This enriched shower balm with its pearly sheen turns into a mild, creamy foam in the shower and gently cleanses the skin. Precious almond protein supports the skin's natural barrier function. Provitamin B5 calms the skin and prevents it from drying out. Leaves skin smooth and supple.