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Silk & Pure

Eau de Toilette

31.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 638.00 € / 1l)

When a fragrance boldly conveys a wonderful lightness to the senses:

initially enveloped by passion fruit and bergamot, the fresh note is followed by a floral potpourri of lily of the valley and violet as well as more acerbic components such as cedarwood and amber.

Or expressed in other words:

silk&pure Eau de Toilette comes with a light and fruity radiance only to stay in a subtle yet invigorating way.


Eau de Parfum

41.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 838.00 € / 1l)

Multilayered yet always distinct:

a characteristic that also perfectly describes the Eau de Parfum. It builds up in a fresh and subtle manner with mandarin orange and aquatic notes, then neroli and cedar give the composition a laid-back strength before amber and white musk wrap it in fine clarity.

For those who are strong and delicate do not live in contradiction, but show character instead.