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Contour Lift

Hand Cream with SPF 15

17.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 358.00 € / 1l)
New: more sustainable packaging

The rich care cream helps to normalize skin pigmentation. Extracts of the Sand Lily reduce existing pigmented spots and combined with Sun Protection Factor 15 prevent new ones in the long term. Vitamin E and selected UV filters protect the skin from free radicals and guard against premature skin ageing. Valuable oils produced from the poppy and almonds regenerate the skin and leave it feeling soft and supple. For a smooth and even complexion.

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Silk & Pure

Protective Moisturizer SPF 20

29.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 598.00 € / 1l)

Anti-Pollution Formula

Acts like a natural shield against environmental pollution, UV radiation, blue light and free radicals: the vegan silk envelops you like a protective second skin, while peach-blossom extract has an anti-oxidant, revitalising effect. Nourishing kukui nut oil and a natural hydrating complex help maintain a healthy skin structure. Summer lilac offers all-round protection against skin damages caused by natural and artificial light such as blue screen light – for a protected, youthfully fresh skin.

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Derma Control

Rosacea Day Care with LSF 20

24.89 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 497.80 € / 1l)

Specially developed for sensitive skin prone to redness and rosacea. Extracts made from red vine leaves and horse chestnuts have an antiinflammatory effect and prevent capillary dilation. Helps to reduce skin redness, while Sun Protection Factor 20 shields the skin from harmful UV rays. The cream’s delicate green tone neutralizes reddened skin giving it a smooth and even complexion. Also ideal as a make-up base. Fragrance-free.

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Summer Cream with SPF 25

13.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 278.00 € / 1l)
New: more sustainable packaging

This protective face cream with reef and coral friendly formula moisturises the skin and keeps it smooth and supple.

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Derma Control

Sensitive Day Cream SPF 30

34.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 698.00 € / 1l)

This daily moisturiser with SPF 30 effectively protects and cares for the skin. Antioxidant active ingredients rebalance the skin´s biorhythm, reduce light-induced stress and prevent DNA damage. The skin´s own barrier is intensively fortified, and premature ageing of the skin prevented. The skin feels smooth, soft and supple. Also perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.


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with SPF 30

7.40 € * / 4.7 g
(Base price 1,574.47 € / 1kg)

The ultra-rich chapstick soothes dry lips. 
Potects from skin-damaging impacts of UVA- and UVB-rays and keeps the lips from drying out in heated and/or air conditioned rooms.

The protecting formula concludes bisabol oil, coconut oil, shea butter and almond oil.
It is the perfect companion for cold winter days and gives the ulitmate protection and care to tender lips that tend to be dry.