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by Charlotte Meentzen
with smell of almond milk
10.90 € * / 75 ml
(Base price 145.33 € / 1l)

The nourishing Hand Cream is quickly absorbed and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple.

by Charlotte Meentzen
with amaranth oil
12.90 € * / 75 ml
(Base price 172.00 € / 1l)

This regenerating hand cream with amaranth oil, prized as the “Gold of the Incas”, makes even hardworking hands soft and smooth once more. Witch hazel and provitamin B5 have a gentle, soothing effect and maintain the perfect level of hydration. Rich avocado and sesame oils, along with almond butter, have an intensive lipid-replenishing effect and create a natural protective shield to stop skin drying out. With a pleasant texture and a delicate fragrance, the cream is quickly absorbed, making hardworking hands feel smooth and firm once again.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Orange blossom set
shower gel 100ml & body butter 50ml
12.90 € * / 150 ml
(Base price 86.00 € / 1l)


Harmonisierender Orangenblütenextrakt, Reiskeimöl, Shorea- und Mandelbutter sorgen für seidig weiche Haut von Kopf bis Fuß. Das perfekte Geschenk für alle, die es sich gemütlich machen wollen.

Im Set sind enthalten: 100 ml Orangenblüten-Duschgel und 50 ml Orangenblüten-Körperbutter