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by Charlotte Meentzen
Silk & Pure
Eau de Toilette
30.90 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 618.00 € / 1l)

When a fragrance boldly conveys a wonderful lightness to the senses:

initially enveloped by passion fruit and bergamot, the fresh note is followed by a floral potpourri of lily of the valley and violet as well as more acerbic components such as cedarwood and amber.

Or expressed in other words:

Silk & Pure Eau de Toilette comes with a light and fruity radiance only to stay in a subtle yet invigorating way.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Silk & Pure
Gentle Cleansing Foam
15.51 € * / 100 ml
(Base price 155.10 € / 1l)

Anti-Pollution Formula
Mild cleansing for a fresh, youthfully glowing complexion: this gentle cleansing foam, formulated to combat pollution, gently cleanses the skin, thoroughly removing dirt particles and make-up. Enriched with calming Provitamin B5 and hydrating aloe vera, the foam simultaneously cares for the skin and prevents it from drying out – for skin that feels silky smooth.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Silk & Pure
Protective Moisturizer SPF 20
27.91 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 558.20 € / 1l)

Anti-Pollution Formula
Acts like a natural shield against environmental pollution, UV radiation, blue light and free radicals: the vegan silk envelops you like a protective second skin, while peach-blossom extract has an anti-oxidant, revitalising effect. Nourishing kukui nut oil and a natural hydrating complex help maintain a healthy skin structure. Summer lilac offers all-round protection against skin damages caused by natural and artificial light such as blue screen light – for a protected, youthfully fresh skin.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Silk & Pure
Good Night Sorbet Cream
28.91 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 578.20 € / 1l)

Anti-Pollution Formula
This light, airy cream sorbet helps your skin recover from environmental stress overnight:
Peach-blossom extract reduces the oxidative stress caused by free radicals
and fine dust and makes skin cells more resistant. The innovative Hyalu-Cage
System® forms a three-dimensional network on the skin which acts both as a source
of lasting moisture and a protective layer. Plant-based taurine acts as an energy
booster and increases cell activity in the skin; signs of tiredness disappear – for a
radiant complexion the next morning.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Silk & Pure
Purifying Pink-To-Black Peeling Mask
16.80 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 336.00 € / 1l)

Anti-Pollution Formula
This pink-to-black mask clears and detoxifies your skin without weakening its natural
barrier: encapsulated activated carbon binds environmental contaminants, toxins,
excess sebum and make-up residues. Alkaline healing chalk from the isle of Rügen
has anti-inflammatory, purifying and deacidifying effects. Peach-blossom extract
protects against free radicals and revitalizes the skin – for a radiant, improved

by Charlotte Meentzen
Silk & Pure
Hydrogel Eye Pads with Hyaluron
16.90 € * / 5 Pieces
(Base price 3.38 € / 1 Pieces)

Pick-me-ups with an immediate cooling effect for tired and swollen eyes. French rose extract, hyaluronic acid and panthenol protect the skin and boost its moisture levels. They gently plump up the skin and reduce lines and fine wrinkles.

Content: 5 sachets à 2 eye pads


by Charlotte Meentzen
Silk & Pure
Silky Soft 2-in-1 Tonic Spray
16.51 € * / 95 ml
(Base price 173.79 € / 1l)

The Tonic’s ultrafine mist refreshes and protects you all at once: a moisturising complex with panthenol provides and binds long-lasting moisture. In addition, vegan silk and antioxidant peach blossom extract protect the skin against environmental irritants. For smooth, silky skin and a radiantly youthful, refreshed appearance. Ideal after cleansing, to fix make-up in place and as a moisturiser on the go.

by Charlotte Meentzen
Silk & Pure
Pomegranate Enzym Peeling Scrub
16.51 € * / 50 ml
(Base price 330.20 € / 1l)

This gentle, fast-acting gel mask with fermented pomegranate enzymes and papaya has a mild exfoliating effect, promotes natural cell renewal and is suitable for all skin types. Peach-blossom extract protects your skin from the damage caused by harmful environmental influences and keeps it looking youthful. Provitamin B5 has an additional calming effect and provides valuable moisture.

The result: skin that looks refreshed and feels soft, a dewy, radiant complexion and a more flawless finish – from the very first use.