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Body Lotion
13.40 € * / 250 ml
(Base price 53.60 € / 1l)

The refreshingly light lotion has a special moisturizer complex that provides the skin with intensive moisture all day long. High quality avocado oil leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Light reflecting pigments give the skin a gentle sheen for a beautiful and radiant complexion. The invigorating freshness of grapefruit beguiles the senses. Leaves skin feeling smooth and silky-soft.

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Shower Gel
12.10 € * / 200 ml
(Base price 60.50 € / 1l)

This clear shower gel gently and thoroughly cleanses the skin. Lubricating and conditioning ingredients protect the skin from drying out. Alleviates skin redness and irritations. The invigorating and tangy scent of grapefruit leaves skin feeling pleasantly refreshed.

Sugar Body Scrub
15.60 € * / 200 ml
(Base price 78.00 € / 1l)

Crystallized organic cane sugar from Brazil, jojoba oil and vitamin E rounded off with the vitalizing scent of grapefruit. This innovative texture gently removes dead skin cells and helps to shed excess flaky skin. Precious oils nourish the skin while vitamin E helps it to retain moisture and smoothes the surface of the skin. The invigorating freshness of grape fruit beguiles the senses. Leaves skin feeling silky-soft and gives it an even appearance.